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Police arrested and charged a Springfield, Ohio man for assaulting a woman and dragging her outside of an apartment complex leasing office all while the woman was holding her 11 month old baby.

Investigators arrested 20 year old Kayvon Brown. Tuesday, the Clark County Prosecutors Office released a formal indictment including charges of child endangering, abduction, domestic violence and obstructing official business.

This all stemmed from an incident on March 13. A 911 dispatcher received a call from an employee at the Ronez Manor Apartment Office.

Dispatcher: “Hello 911?”

Caller: “Oh my God, Help Help!”

Dispatcher:”What’s going on?”

Caller: “Oh he’s beating her, the baby’s in her hand, the baby’s getting hurt, hurry up!”

Dispatcher: “What’s the address ma’am?”

Caller: “Ronez Manor, 1948 Wilkes Drive”

Surveillance video (seen below) from the apartment complex shows Brown slapping the woman, kicking her to the ground, while holding the child and knocking the other child down. The video also shows Brown pulling the victim by her ankles, forcefully dragging her outside of the leasing office and down a flight of concrete stairs while she was holding the baby.

“Pretty intense situation, pretty bad domestic situation at an apartment complex here in the city, you’ve asked if we’ve seen it before, we have but this was pretty intense,” said Detective James Byron with the Springfield Police Department.

Brown and the victim’s other child a 23 month old was also watching the fight. Police say Brown then picked the victim and the two kids up and forced them into a light gray Buick and sped off.

Thanks to the surveillance video from the apartment complex and a license plate number police arrested Brown days later. Clark County Prosecutor Amy Smith believes since the incident is on tape, that should be enough to get Brown behind bars.

“It’s actually not that uncommon, sadly it happens quite frequently that children are in the home witnessing violence it’s not uncommon for us to see them being in the same room when the adult is being assaulted,” said Smith. Police want this incident to hopefully help other women going through any type of violence to speak up, especially because their life may be in danger.

“If they don’t feel safe, they should make themselves safe either by leaving, contacting family members, they can contact project woman and of course they can contact the police,” said Detective Byron.

Brown was bailed out of the Clark County Jail for $50,000.