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If you saw a mom with her child angrily yelling at a stranger on a bus or subway, what would you do? That’s what we wondered as we watched the horrible video below of a particularly angry mom getting into a fist fight with another woman who she claims was “disrespecting her baby.” As for her child—well, she threw the toddler out of the way into the arms of someone else on the bus. It’s not like she let the kid’s stroller roll out of a train or anything.

The video was reportedly filmed aboard a bus in Connecticut (although tipsters who sent it to us said it was somewhere in New York). The original YouTube upload of it has since been deleted (LiveLeak has picked it up), but one Redditor preserved this comment from Tareka281: “That’s my bitch/home girl Fuck everybodys negative comments she shouldnt have threw the baby but she deserved to get in that girl ass lmao don’t talk about nobodys child bitch.”