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Warning: This video contains profanity and is NSFW.

Last night at the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” screening for their second sensational season, a few of the cast members–Stevie J. MiMi Faust, K. Michelle and Erica Dixon joined the show’s creator, Mona Scott Young on stage for a Q&A session. Microphones were set up on each side of the audience and journalists were invited to ask their questions and many of us jumped for the chance to chat with one of Mona’s juiciest cast.

An alleged intern who claimed to be from Bossip introduced himself and asked his question. (Bossip has since DM’ed us on Twitter, explaining the young man was a intern with MMG, however the young man is claiming he lost his job because of this.)

I wish I could tell you what the question was, but I was immediately drawn into a deep blackness that overtook the venue, signaling the omen to come. K. Michelle lifted her mic to her lips and spit venom to the Bossip writer about the type of things they write about people like her on reality tv. “It’s not up to you to kick me when I’m down because you have a motherf*cking keyboard!” K. Michelle screamed at the Bossip writer.

I can honestly say I understand why K. Michelle feels the way she does. We’re here to write about her and sometimes we’re not nice and sites like Bossip pride themselves on making celebrities the butts of their many jokes. (pun intended: shout out to K. Michelle’s figure) K. Michelle has made it clear that she’s had enough of the blogs that trash her and reality tv show stars like her. “I got two big ass cheeks and you can kiss them! I got it out, I feel great!” K. Michelle smiled coyly as she finished her rant.

I guess K. Michelle does feel great. The poor Bossip dude lost his job.

What do you think about K. Michelle’s rant on Bossip? Was it deserved?

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