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I have such a hard time believing anything George Zimmerman says after the dispatchers told him NOT to follow Trayvon PERIOD.

George Zimmerman, the Florida man accused of second degree murder for the death of Trayvon Martin, said the teen told him “you are going to die tonight” shortly before Zimmerman pulled the trigger.

The recorded audio interview between Zimmerman and Sanford police investigator Doris Singleton occurred after the former neighborhood watch captain agreed to waive his Miranda rights and speak without an attorney present.

“He jumped out from the bushes and said what the f**k is your problem,” Zimmerman said to Singleton. “I said I don’t have a problem and then he punched me in the nose.”

“As soon as he punched me I fell backwards. He was whaling on my head and I started yelling help,” said Zimmerman. “He grabbed my head and started hitting me into the sidewalk. I slid into the grass to get out from under him. I was still yelling out for help.”

Zimmerman said Martin, 17, told him,

“You are going to die tonight”

and kept banging his head into the sidewalk, and that he shot and killed the teen soon after.

“It was raining out and he was leisurely walking looking at open houses,” said Zimmerman. “I had called before and the police had come out but these guys know the neighborhood very well.”

“I pulled my car to the side and I called the non-emergency line and I just reported that there was a suspicious person in the neighborhood,” he told Singleton.

What do you think about this and the case so far?



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