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As testimony continues in the George Zimmerman murder trial, the defense comes closer to closing their case – and the jury comes closer to reaching a verdict.

Yesterday the court saw 10 witnesses, one who took the stand twice, who testified about their knowledge of Zimmerman’s past and also identified the screams heard on witness Jennifer Lauer’s 911 call.

In all, five witnesses, all friends of Zimmerman’s, identified the voice heard on the tape as his. Only Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, identified the screams as his son’s.

While on stand, Martin also denied that he initially said the screams on the audio weren’t Trayvon’s. Lead investigator in the shooting, Chris Serino, testified before Martin that upon hearing the 911 tape the first time, the father said “no” under his breath when asked if he heard Trayvon’s voice.

1:35PM EST Jury enters the court room, Dr. Vincent Di Maio takes the stand again, Bernie De La Rionda represents the state for the cross-examination

-Bernie De La Rionda [BDLR] gets Di Maio to say that he would expect blood on someone’s hand if they touched Zimmerman’s bloodied face [and no blood or DNA was found on Trayvon’s hands or under his fingernails]

12:30 – 1:30PM EST Court is in recess for lunch

10:45AM EST: Don West calls defense’s second witness for the day, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, a private practice forensic pathologist

Di Maio says most important evidence in this case is autopsy report, including photos of wounds and reports by firearms examiner

-He states “The clothing itself had to be 2 to 4 inches away from the body” when Trayvon was shot

-According to him, the gun was touching Trayvon’s shirt when he was shot, but his clothing was 2 to 4 inches from his chest

-Bullet went from Trayvon’s left-to-right [slightly] – entered through his left lung, went through heart to his right lung

-Trayvon could have been alive for 1-3 minutes at most after being shot, but was conscious for “significantly shorter”

-Di Maio certain Zimmerman had “6 identifiable injuries” on his head: 2 head lacerations, 2 temple wounds, 1 nose injury and 1 forehead wound.

10:40AM EST: Jury is finally brought into courtroom for the first time today.


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