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Police are continuing to piece together information involving three bodies discovered on Friday and Saturday in East Cleveland. The family of a missing 18-year-old from that same area is very worried about their family member, Shirellda Terry.

“Last time I saw my daughter it was the Monday before she disappeared,”

says her father Van Terry.

He’s been relentlessly searching for her since the day she went missing.

“To be honest with you sleep has not been a priority, I haven’t gotten any, I’ll sleep when I know my baby is safe.”

Shirellda was last seen on July 10th leaving her summer job at East Clark Elementary. It was about 1 p.m. and she went walking home through a neighborhood not far from where three bodies were found recently and that is why her dad is so worried.

“I’ve talked to the police.  They’ve asked me about my daughter, as far as tattoos, cavities, hair type, haircut. I’m feeling kind of confident neither one is my daughter.”

Van Terry feels his daughter is still around and that’s why he has this message for her. In an interview Van Terry sent out a message to his daughter,

“If you could hear me baby, call your father, call your father now.”

They hope someone sees her and helps to get her home with her family.

“I just want people to know, keep the prayers going and please by any means help me find my child and help to bring her home.”

Heartbreaking. Please contact police if you have seen Shirellda Terry or know her where-abouts.