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While Clipse member  Pusha T works on his solo debut, “My Name Is My Name,” his brother No Malice is putting the finishing touches on his first solo album called “Hear Ye Him.” no Malice recently revealed the tracklist and cover art to the upcoming album.

Many remember No Malice was once known as Malice. However, after giving his life to Christ, he changed the moniker. With no malice being a Christian, his music is sure to change. But don’t just throw him in the box with all of the Christian rappers. “I don’t shun any of those titles. I haven’t titled it myself cause I don’t know what this music is. And honestly, it’s a truth music. It’s a feeling. I don’t want to pigeon hole myself. I respect Christian Rap. I respect gospel. I don’t know what you call this. If Christian Rap will have me, I’m happy to be there. What I’m hearing a lot about my music though is that it has that feel of the Hip Hop that you know and love The Clipse for. I don’t feel like I lost a beat,” says the Virginia native.

No Malice also says his upcoming album, which is due to drop on August 18th, is his best work to date. “The album is entitled Hear Ye Him. One time I was listening to all my tracks and I got this rush of chills all over my body. This is by far my best work ever. It’s inspirational. It makes for great music,” No Malice stated. “And not only that, when that record goes off it’s gonna leave you with a lot to think about. What I’ve come to find is that when a lot of people hear my story and hear this new direction, it really breaks the ice. And a lot of people can identify. And then sometimes we just need that person to be the first to break the ice. And then you’ll see that a lot of people actually have experienced a lot of the same things and feel the same way.”

Check out the tracklist for No Malice’s “Hear Ye Him” below.

1. Illusions (Interlude)

2. Smoke & Mirrors f. Ab-Liva

3. Blasphemy f. Fam-Lay

4. Ain’t Beggin’ (Interlude)

5. Hear Ye Him

6. Unforgettable f. Life Dutchee

7. Cheap Dolla (Interlude)

8. Bow Down No Mo’

9. Refiner’s Fire (Interlude)

10. Shame The Devil f. Pusha T

11. Bury That f. Jon Bibbs

12. June f. Eric David

13. Separate (Interlude)

14. Still Got Love f. Ishod

15. Different f. PK Oneday & Bri

16. Goin’ There (Interlude)

17. No Time f. Jaeson Ma



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