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Nasir Jones doesn’t just speak through words in his raps when it comes to helping the community… Nas raises more than $40,000 for Stanley Young and his family after their house burned down and their situation led them to housing in a hotel for weeks.

Just two weeks ago, Stanley Young, an unemployed construction worker and single father of eight, was living in a Holiday Inn with his children after a fire burned down their home on the 500 block of Kennedy Street NW in D.C. The mother of his children died about a year ago, leaving Young on his own to search for a place large enough to house his family.

Knowing his family would have to vacate the hotel by Aug. 13, Young tapped every source of help possible: his church, family, the District of Columbia Office of the Tenant Advocate and the Red Cross.

But help came from an unlikely source…a rapper.

After his manager showed him the video, Nas sprung into action.

“As a single father I couldn’t help but feel for Stanley. He has my [utmost] respect as a man. It takes a real one to do whatever it takes to help his family,” said Nas in a statement via his publicist. “I want to help the Young family get a fresh start on life and I want the world to know that they can help make a difference if they stick together. We are learning an incredible lesson and Stanley is the teacher of that lesson. I cannot wait to meet them in person.”

So Nas started a Crowdtilt Campaign, and it has already exceeded its goal of $20,000, $5,000 of it coming from Nas’ pocket. Since the reaction was so overwhelming, Nas raised the goal to $50,000, and at the time of publication, the campaign was at $59,340 with 8 days left.


One time for Hip Hop.

via TheWordEyeHeard

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