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sparkle dirty laundry

Remember Sparkle? The singer is back with some “Dirty Laundry” of her own, that includes R. Kelly and that sex tape.

Once R. Kelly’s protege, Sparkle hit the scene in 1998 with the #1 single “Be Careful,” featuring Kells. But then….R. Kelly had a sex tape scandal that allegedly involved Sparkle’s niece, and the singer fell off the map.

Welp, she’s back! Sort of.

She’s made her own remix of Kelly Rowland’s “Dirty Laundry,” where she uses some of Kelly’s vocals and soundbytes of Wendy Williams’ radio show to get her point across.

“I regret the day I put my family in my business / A tape, a trial, and guess who’s a star witness.”

Well then.

She took a shot at Wendy Williams too, who had accused Sparkle of taking hush money from R. Kelly during the trial. Sparkle never says whether she did or not though….

Check out the iMovie video below. (Somebody had to point it out.)

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. She definitely didn’t spend that hush money on a good camera.

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