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All this talk of Lamar Odom being on crack has to stop. Find me an NBA player who’s a 2-year-hardcore crack addict. Furthermore, how is this the first mention of Lamar supposedly being on crack? You know any crackheads? He would’ve been caught by now. But we know better. So…

#WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 Reasons Lamar Odom is NOT on Crack


5. He’s Still an NBA Player! (Kind of.)

Okay, he’s a free agent, but still. He’s pretty much an NBA player. Point is, if Lamar Odom was on CRACK….don’t’ you think the NBA would know by now? He was suspended back in 2001 for marijuana use…twice…but that ugly cry was enough to convince me that he was remorseful.

He said about the incident:

“I made the mistake once, now it’s twice. I feel like I can get through it, I know I can get through it, I’m strong enough. Nothing I can say is going to make people believe me, I’ve just got to do it.”

(The Wheard: MichiganDaily)

Strong enough….? Well, Lil Scrappy had a weed addiction too. Maybe he was fiending for marijuana like Pookie in New Jack City?

Wait, that was crack.

Okay, okay. Maybe he was suffering from his chronic addiction to…chronic…like Eddie Kane in The 5 Heartbeats?

Wait. That was crack too.

Yea….let’s move on.

4. He’s Never Been Arrested

Find me a crackhead with a clean record, I dare you!

DMX has enough mugshots to make a photo album, and Katt Williams’ many mugshots will be right next to his.

But Lamar Odom…? Nope.

What, you think because he’s super rich and has the money to go anywhere in the world and hide his addiction that he could evade arrest?

You think because he went from “Sixth Man of the Year” with the Lakers to “Why is this Man Here” with the Mavericks that it suggests he has a problem?

Oh, oh, and I’m sure you’re thinking that just because, after 4 years, Lamar can’t seem to knock Khloe up, his soldiers must not march. He has other children with his ex-wife, so now you think his sperm is all cracked out and tired of swimming???

These are all valid points, but….

Just because something makes sense, it doesn’t mean…

It means we’re moving on.

3. Nobody’s Seen a Receipt

Everybody knows crack is wack. Lamar Odom’s made too much money to ever smoke crack. Crack is cheap. And when Lamar was addicted to weed (see #5), I’m sure he wasn’t smoking Reggie.

So what, he displays crackhead-like characteristics. It’s mere coincidence.

Of course he sweats a lot; he’s an NBA player!

So what he trashed a paparazzi’s car and equipment; they were getting on his nerves!

Lamar reportedly fled the scene with some of the photographer’s equipment…but that doesn’t mean he was going to do crackhead things with them, like sell them.

Maybe he’s taking up photography…?

Let’s just move on.

2. Khloe’s Not Pregnant

Lamar obviously still has his mind; he was smart enough not to put a baby in a Kardashian. Unlike Kanye West, who not only had a baby with Kim Kardashian, but named her a direction and slored her out for Kris Jenner’s failed talk show.

Dumb ass picture.

Kanye went from “I’m not showing my baby to the whole world for money” to “okay Kris, I’ll show a pic of the baby for your talk show that nobody watches because you’re not that interesting” in a matter of weeks. You see what those Kardashians do to you??

Lamar is smart enough to not have any parts of that!

He doesn’t need those Kardashians; I read Lamar is worth about $56 million. That’s a lot of money! Who cares that the Kardashian family is worth $80 million and growing?

Just because a baby would breathe new life into the now-cancelled reality show “Khloe and Lamar” doesn’t mean that Lamar would dare get his wife pregnant.

You think Lamar wants to be in the spotlight so badly that he would meet and marry a Kardashian on camera…wait, he did do that, huh?

That proves nothing!

Lamar has other kids that he pays child support, so another baby that would want for nothing and guarantee him access to the Kardashian lifestyle of fame is of no good to him!


1. Kris Jenner Made This Up!

Look, forget all the other reasons. Kris Jenner is Satan, and the Kardashians are her cult of media slaves! Kris is obviously mad that Lamar had a mistress come out of nowhere and make Khloe look bad, so as a mother, she had to protect her daughter by planting a potentially career-ending story about her son-in-law. The nerve of Lamar, to actually marry Khloe, instead of just giving her babies with no sign of a ring, like the other two!

I guarantee, if Kanye ever messes over Kim Kardashian, there will be a story on TMZ about him being a hardcore heroin addict. Mark my words.

Everything you’ve read about this so-called crack addiction has come from “sources.” Show your face, so I know it’s real!

Are these “sources” afraid to show their faces because they know Lamar has enough money to have them taken care of?

Could these “sources” fear the Kardashian clan too much to tell them the truth about their beloved Lamar?

Why won’t these “sources” come forward? I really don’t get it! Do they have warrants?

Are they fugitives?

Do they have crack addictions???


I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Disregard everything you just read.

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