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If you ask any NFL player what’s the saddest day of the year, the majority will tell you the weekend after the fourth preseason game. The reality sets in on many players that have gone through the challenging training camps that their livelihood is in jeopardy. NFL teams have until 6:00 eastern this Saturday to go from 75 players to 53 and that means a lot of playbooks (Ipads) are being turned in and a lot of lockers are being cleaned out. Today is the day of the “Grande Reaper” says future Hall of Famer & current Fox Sports football analyst, Randy Moss.

Among the notable names that have been let go, Tim Tebow will draw attention away from the first full day of college football. Why? Tim Tebow is, well, Tim Tebow. The former Florida Gator, national champion and Heisman winner is a big ticket item when it comes to likeability. You either hate him or love him. There’s no middle ground & for NFL fans, the joke writes itself when it comes to Tebow being a capable quarterback & add to the fact he’s been tossed around more than the easy chick that was “drunk” at any college campus. Tom Brady isn’t very mobile but he has dodged the inevitable, what do you think of Tim Tebow as the New England Patriots have no use for him.

Enough Tebow talk.

Another national collegiate football champ was let go this morning. A sad day for Vince Young fans as what looked to be a backup job for elite QB, Aaron Rodgers. Young was dismissed from the Green Bay Packers after a dismal performance in his fourth preseason game. Another hyped up quarterback from Notre Dame in Jimmy Clausen was also let go from the Carolina Panthers. He’s no Montana………

Brian Banks was let go from the Atlanta Falcons yesterday. If you don’t know who Brian Banks is, his story is amazing! Banks spent more than five years in a California penitentiary after being recruited from colleges across the nation for rape. Sounds like a horrible person, right? You’d be wrong. After Banks was released from prison, his accuser wanted to meet and expressed her regret in lying to authorities & how she wished the incident never happened. Banks recorded the conversation, was acquitted from all charges but what could have been? Those years in prison Banks will never get back. What’s next? Possibly football but the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blanke has offered Brian a job in the city of Atlanta because he was so impressed with his character. What an owner.

There will be jokes but the fact is, people are losing their jobs today.

That’s hardly something to laugh at.

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