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Durant & Wade
Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade are going in on Instagram…lol!

The beef started simply enough when Durant said that his old teammate James Harden belonged on a Top 10 list ahead of Wade. Certainly not much of an insult to say Wade is not among the top 10 players in the league — only ten players are, after all — especially when you remember that Harden and Durant are friends and Wade didn’t have his best year last year.

But D-Wade took the words to heart and posted this…

D-Wade's Instagram pic

Note to self: if you’re writing a note to yourself with the express intent of showing it to other people on the Internet, it isn’t technically a note to yourself.

Durant shot back, though…

Kevin Durant's tweet

Oh, snap! This gives us a reason to watch Thunder-Heat this year! Oh wait, we were already going to do that.

This has nothing to do with their ad campaign where they act like they are bitter rivals…

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