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A “Black Panther” movie may be a long ways off, but Marvel appears to be filling in the gap with their Black superhero line-up.  In “Captain America: Winter Soldier” Anthony Mackie suits up as Cap’s Partner, The Falcon.  Falcon (born Sam Wilson) grew up on the tough streets of Harlem, and after leading a life of crime, turns a new leaf as one of Harlem’s staunchest crimefighters.  Falcon can telepathically communicate with birds, and is outfitted with bionic wings,  a gift from T’Challa  (Black Panther).

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In a recent interview with MTV, Mackie revealed his rather unorthodox pursuit in becoming part of the Marvel family.  Once a month for three years, he called their offices for a role in any of their movies.  Mackie’s persistence paid off when they finally called him in with one caveat; he had to sign on to “Captain America” without seeing a script or knowing what role he’d be playing.  Mackie was told he would be the second lead, but when he read the script, he realized it was a little further from the truth than expected:

“There’s a point where Cap gets hurt, and [I] do everything for Cap. And I get the script, and… that’s not true.  I get hurt, not Cap!”

“Captain America: Winter Soldier” opens April 4, 2014

Watch interview HERE

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