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Nurses from the Millennial generation now have their own reality show, thanks to MTV.

“Scrubbing In,” premiering Oct. 24, follows a crew of young “travel nurses” – all from various parts of the country – assigned to work under short-term contracts at an understaffed hospital in California’s Orange County for 13 weeks.

The series will show the challenges and rewards experienced by nine nurses as they deal with ill patients and their families. And because this is MTV, it will  focus just as much (if not more) on their lives outside of the hospital.  They party, take shots and blow off steam as only 20-year-olds can. In fact, the trailer makes the series look more like “Nurses Gone Wild” than “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Tyrice of MTV’s “Scrubbing In”

“At the end of the day, our professional life is our priority, but we do have fun,” says Tyrice, the lone African American in the cast and one of three nursing veterans on the show who has participated in the “travel” program before. Below, she tells us exactly what a travel nurse is.

The Texas native says having cameras at the hospital has not been as intrusive as one might think. “We really don’t know that production is really there,” Tyrice told us at the TCA Summer Press Tour. “They’re pretty much like flies on the wall. They don’t interfere with our professional work.”

She added: “I think everyone at the hospital has been pretty accepting and welcoming of the process, because they also want to shed light on what nurses actually do.”

“Scrubbing In” premieres Thursday, October 24 at 10 p.m. Watch the trailer below.

via EURWeb