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Everyone is overjoyed that our favorite girl Kerry Washington is expecting her first child with her hubby! So we decided to do our part and give her a headstart on the strenuous process of naming the baby.

#WordEyeHeard Radio Presents: Top 5 Baby Names for Kerry Washington

5. Chenille

Remember her? This street-smart, smart-mouthed high school student/baby mama didn’t take nothin from nobody. She dealt with her baby daddy Kenny and befriended a clueless white girl in a single bound, all while taking care of her baby and going to the club every other night to ‘Save the Last Dance.’ Chenille was so serious, we were a little scared of her! Poor little white Sara sure was:

With a name like Chenille, Kerry’s baby will be ready for the cruel, cruel world that comes with rich and famous parents. LOL

Sidenote: Thank goodness her real-life baby daddy doesn’t look like the one in this movie.

4. Bea(trice)

This kind-hearted southern girl exuded femininity. Beatrice had the heart of Ray Charles from the moment he saw….squeezed her wrist. She held her man down through semi-blasphemous music, heroin addictions, and even extramarital affairs.

Ed. Note: we don’t suggest you stay with your man if he has other babies outside the marriage, but do you boo.

Even when Ray was as high as a giraffe’s ass, all he could think of was his beloved Bea.

She was a true version of a 1950’s ride or die chick.

With a name like Beatrice, Kerry Washington’s kid will get made fun of, but at least her cheating husband will love her.

3. Broomhilda

Everybody can’t go through life being named Broomhilda, but when you’re as gentle as a flower yet tough as leather, you can handle it. Broomhilda was beaten, raped, and disregarded….hell, she was a slave! But through it all, she held her head high and had her man’s back when he came back for her.

Wait….her man was a slave….then was free….then went BACK to the slave house to rescue his wife…?

Broomhilda had that good!

Come on, you think love  was enough to make Jamie Foxx risk his life….?

Aye nevermind, Kerry. You name your baby Broomhilda, she might get pregnant early.

2. Emmy

Are you aware of how amazing Kerry Washington is? People Magazine named her the best-dressed woman in the world. She’s been in countless movies and can be whatever character she needs to be.

But those heffabitches really didn’t give her the Emmy…??

The nerve!

But it’s cool. All the Gladiators have your back. So we have a solution.

If you name your baby Emmy, you’ll probably never worry about winning another one again.

1. Welp…

We’ve completely neglected the fact that Kerry may have a boy!

Clearly, we’re vying for a girl so she can get all of Kerry’s fabulous fashion, but her husband may want a son to toss the football with. He is in the NFL after all.

So this one is simple. Name him after his daddy: Nnamdi Asomugha Jr.


Lawd, that man is fine….but let’s just hope she has a girl.

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