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It’s been a little over a week and folk are still weighing in on whether Jay Z is absolutely wrong for not pulling out of his deal with Barneys.

Over the weekend, the mogul released a statement defending his choice to remain thum thus far, but that doesn’t stop us (*raises hand*) from giving our two cents on what he should do.

Recently, media partner picked the brain of QueenLatifah (while on the carpet for ‘Black Girls Rock!’), asking her if she thought it appropriate from Mr. Carter to cut ties with Barneys. She explained:

I don’t know that it’s there – I mean, Jay-Z’s been pretty clear when this hits him close to home when things don’t sit right with him, but obviously things warrant further investigation. But we’ve been going through this for a long time. We know that this is something that has been continuous in our community for us when we go into various stores. I would hope that that’s not the case with Barney’s that some people got overzealous and did the wrong thing; and that is not like the whole corporation – because I like Barneys but I hate to have to break out at them. That would be terrible.

She continued:

I’m hoping that this whole situation gets solved and it’s a lesson to everybody else and all these other stores – be conscious of your shopper. Just because you have a baseball cap or what, doesn’t mean you don’t have money. You don’t have to justify where we got the money to buy the expensive belt.

Visit for the full interview.

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