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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the general consensus is Joe Budden and Tahiry are the cutest, and surprisingly least dysfunctional, couple to come out of “Love & Hip-Hop New York” in a long time. Still, the two have some clear issues.

Though we’re watching the pair as a couple on LHHNY now, we can say for sure their love doesn’t outlast this fourth season because both have admitted they’re no longer in a relationship. For some reason that fact hasn’t killed discussions of these two producing a little bambino down the line, but as far as Tahiry’s concerned, she won’t be carrying anybody’s baby until she’s their wife. When VH1′s blog asked Tahiry if she’s starting to get that motherly itch, she said:

“I have been, I have this whole maternal thing. I see babies now and it’s just different than I used to be. My workload is intense right now, but yeah, I’m getting around that time where it’s time to make that space to have a family. I still gotta find a husband first, I’m trying to do it the right way, I’ve waited this long. But yeah, I want babies.”

Seemingly missing her point about wanting to do it the right way, VH1 then asked Tahiry whether she’d just co-parent with Joe instead of waiting to walk down the aisle since she has babies on the brain. To that Tahiry said:

Ummm…right now, my thoughts on having a baby with Joe to co-parent is a NO! It’s a no. At one point it probably would have been a yes, but right now, no. Being parents is something real, and I don’t think Joey’s ready for that. But you can ask him yourself.

Thank goodness someone on LHHNY has sense enough to not put the cart before the horse. Of course, Joe Budden doesn’t feel the same way — which speaks to Tahiry’s point about him not being ready. When he was asked about his own baby fever, he replied in the least uncouth way possible:

“I tried to put a baby in Tahiry but she wasn’t ready to trust, so I’ll wait a little longer.”

One good thing is Joe’s not down to co-parent either. He told VH1:

“Why would we be co-parents? We’ll be together, mark my words. I’m definitely coming at her. Soon. End quote.”

We shall see.

Do you think Joe and Tahiry could ever get it together to be married and have a family?

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