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There is said to be a petition out to bring ‘Brian The Dog’ back to “Family Guy.’ But it’s not looking likely.

Though the show remains a highly watched event, ‘Family Guy’ came under fire after the most recent episode stirred up emotions the sitcom has never experienced before. While setting up to play outdoor street hockey with his buddy StewieBrian Griffin was struck by a speeding car. Due to the severity of the accident, the lovable Griffin dog passed away shortly after at a nearby hospital, sending the Griffins, their closest friends and the millions who watch the series into a state of mixed emotions. For all the comedic relief MacFarlane has been able to provide over the years, the ‘Family Guy’ creator certainly struck a nerve with the loyal fans by eliminating one of the show’s most popular figures.

Recent news since the accident has indicated that folks across the globe have been voicing their distaste for the episode, with many asking that Brian somehow be worked back into the show. Those who watch the show on a regular basis know that a usual way for the main characters to eliminate dangerous situations is to travel back in time through the use of Stewie Griffin’s time machine. The bad news is that in the last episode, young Stewie destroys his infamous machine, rendering a trip to the past useless, while leaving many fans stunned that Brian Griffin may in fact never return.

According to TMZ, ‘Family Guy’ will most likely not bring the dog back despite the public outcry through social media and on-line petitions. The celebrity gossip superpower notes that because the Griffins have already replaced Brian with another dog, Vinnie, there may not be a real reason or desire by show creators to bring the former pet back. Voiced by ‘Sopranos’star Paul Sorico, the dog Vinnie is set to appear for at least six episodes, leaving a big time chance for Brian to remain off the long list of recurring characters. Vinnie’s character could also remain a staple on the program after the initial six weeks, setting up the possibility that Brian doesn’t return for a very long time or never comes back at all. Eliminating a pet was also a more plausible move, according to one of the show’s top producers.


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