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TMZ is reporting that former Death Row Records mogul Suge Knight was pulled over by police and the po-po’s had their guns out and pointed at him! But what’s even crazier is that it’s now being reported that they pulled him over on Friday as a result of a case of “mistaken identity”!

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, police received a report of an assault, and the suspect matched Suge’s description…so when officers spotted Suge in his vehicle … they pulled him over, and jumped out of their patrol car with their guns drawn. Yeah…that seems to happen…a lot..all over the country! We’re dying to see a pic of the actual suspect.


TMZ relays that Suge agreed to go to the police station, where he explained he wasn’t the man they were looking for … in fact, police now believe the initial report of an assault was bogus. Ummm wow…bogus huh? So you mean there was no assault and they rolled up on Suge Knight for a fake call? Yep again this seems to happen a whole lot over this great nation of ours.

Suge was eventually released and sources close to the hip hop mogul tell TMZ, he is shaken up about the misunderstanding. Duh who wouldn’t be! He is considering filing a lawsuit.

Well gee.. why would Mr. Knight feel upset about it…easy misunderstanding right? We mean no harm no foul…no one got hurt in the end. These things happen and it’s not traumatizing at all…said no one… anywhere EVER! This type of foolishness has to stop!

If this really did go down the way it’s being reported…then LAPD better brace for another loss in the courts because if we know one thing we know this…Suge Knight ain’t trying to lose anything that can net him money…ever!