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Valentines Day is special for some, and heart-wrenching for others. And for women in a long-term relationship, they may be looking for jewelry as a gift….an engagement ring. But we here at the Word Eye Heard are going to squash any hope of that.

#WordEyeHeard Radio Presents: Top 5 Chicks Never Getting a Ring

5. Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj has been allegedly dating Safaree for quite some time. And while we’re sure he’s in love with her, she won’t even admit that they’re a couple! Ms. Minaj is clearly a smart cookie; there are hardly ever rumors about her dating anyone else. The man even got her FACE tatted on him! So what’s the hold up?

safaree nicki tattoo

They attend award shows together. They hold hands. He bought her a car for her birthday. Could Valentines Day be that special day that Nicki finally gets a ring….?

Hell naw.

Nicki Minaj will never get a ring, because Safaree is her hypeman; she pays him. And depending on his salary, he can’t afford the ring she wants. And what kind of girl wants to buy her own wedding ring? And his? And pay for the wedding? And the reception? And the honeymoon…

4. Khloe Kardashian

khloe lamar

We know Khloe and Lamar are over, and she’s not seriously dating anyone right now, but we figured we would let her know to give up hope. It’s simple: the Kardashians (other than Kourtney) love them some black men. Wealthy, successful black men. But when Khloe decided to marry an NBA player named Lamar Odom after only 9 days, and let E! film the entire ceremony, she sealed her fate.

Lamar took a turn for the worse after reportedly being on crack, and being cut from the Dallas Mavericks. Khloe stood by her man for a while, but after one too many TMZ stories about crack binges and failed rehab attempts, she finally filed for divorce.

Khloe Kardashian will never get a ring, because once you go black, you never go back. And crack is whack. So a black on crack has ruined her life.

 3. Eudoxie


Ludacris has been with this beautiful woman since 2009. He even fathered a child with…..wait; that wasn’t with her. Yup, add Luda to the list of men who had side babies while “on a break” from their longtime loves.

Eudoxie is no dummy; she’s in med school. (Is she still in med school? How long does it take??) And while some may think she’s stupid for staying with the rapper/actor after he put a baby in another woman, she must really love him.

Girl bye. She prolly thought her story would end like Dewyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s. She got a ring after her NBA baller boo had a side baby, and she couldn’t be happier. Welp….Eudoxie got a bracelet.

Eudoxie says she’s still going to marry Luda after his slip up, but…show us the ring so we now it’s real.

Eudoxie will never get a ring, because not only does he not have to buy the cow because he’s getting the milk for free, he can put babies in other chicks so she can stay sexy.

2. Cassie

cassie diddy

And we thought Kim Porter was the ultimate ride or die chick! Diddy has five children by three different women, and a bad chick named Cassie at home. As fertile as he is, he has no reason to have a side chick; Cassie’s not going anywhere!

Diddy actually started claiming Cassie publicly a while ago, and at times their PDA on various social networking sites is disgustingly romantic.

But a couple weeks ago, he posted a picture of a ring on his Instagram page asking “Baby do you like it? I just wanna get you what you like!”

Look like an engagement ring to you? Cassie didn’t think so! She responded to the rumors with her own Instagram post, saying “Happy & in love – not engaged.

She knows what’s up.

Cassie will never get a ring, because Diddy didn’t wife the women he dated who had careers; there’s no way he’s going to wife one with no job. Save those pennies, honey.

1. Karrueche

karrueche chris brown

This is too easy. Last year, Karrueche made #2 on the list of Top 5 Side Pieces, but it’s safe to say she’s moved up to Main Chick status. She’s been there through Rihanna, anger management rehab, and Rihanna.

She even visited him on Thanksgiving while he was locked up managing his anger.


They have a clothing line together. He bought her a Porsche. And he might’ve finally realized that Rihanna doesn’t want him. Perfect situation for our girl, right…?


Next thing you know, Chris Brown releases his new single, “Loyal.”

What does the song say? “THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL.”


Karrueche is never getting a ring, because Christopher is clearly confused on what a marriage-worthy chick is. And let’s be real; Rihanna can hop on that thang whenever she wants to.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Keep hope alive.

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