Looks like Mayweather might have actually lost “something”…Read below.

Via – Mediatakeout exclusively learned that he may have lost the most important thing to him . .. his FIANCE Shantel Jackson.

As reported the pair split up EARLIER THIS YEAR, but THIS SUMMER the two reconciled. And for a tine, it looked like the two were finally going to be walking down the aisle.

Well that IS NOT HAPPENING. learned that Shantel BROKE UP with Floyd a few months ago. Her reasoning is that she does not want to be in a marriage, unless Floyd is 100% faithful. Heck, she would prolly settle for 90% faithful . . . but Floyd offered NONE OF THAT. According to our snitch, Floyd wants to be allowed MULTIPLE SIDE CHICKS.

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But that’s not the CRAZY part of it all. EXCLUSIVELY learned that before Shantel left, Floyd offered to MARRY HER LEGALLY – with NO PRE-NUP, if she agreed to his “side chick” terms. Floyd has a fortune worth about $500M . . . and without a pre-nup, Shantel would be entitled to as much as HALF OF IT.

Despite Floyd’s VERY GENEROUS OFFER . . . Shantel still said no. [Continue reading – HERE].

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