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Legal trouble for Apollo Nida is making waves for his wife Phaedra Parks.

A spin-off show starring Parks is in danger of not airing , thanks to Nida ‘s encounters with the law.

But a source at Bravo, who produces the “Real Housewives” series, revealed that the series could be placed on hold while TV chiefs wait to see the outcome of what happens to Nida, who faces years of jail time if he is found guilty. “All options are being looked at,” said an executive with Bravo TV.

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The series, titled “Rich People’s Problems,” will star Parks as it centers around her legal career in the Atlanta area where she bills herself as a “super sassy but always classy attorney to the stars,” according to Bossip.

Over the years, Parks has represented various rap stars and celebrities, including Bobby Brown during his 2004 trial for assaulting his then wife Whitney Houston.

Despite her good standing, a former associate of Nida’s believes that Parks will be implicated.

“I cannot see how she can remain out of it,’ said Angela Stanton told Bossip. “Where did she think her husband go all his money from? He didn’t have a job but on the TV show boasted about spending thousands of dollars at strip joints.”

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