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Apparently Tameka Raymond has decided not to continue on with the upcoming Atlanta Exes reality show and has already been replaced with Traci Steele (formerly of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta). Honestly, I wouldn’t call this a lateral move. We’ve seen Traci’s entire storyline play out on LHHATL and it was so boring it didn’t last another season. I know most of us were looking forward to hearing Tameka’s story. But I digress, here’s the tea.


Tameka held  a ’T’ Market event on Saturday (February 22, 2014), selling items from her now defunct ‘Estelle boutique’ and proceeds were to go towards Kile’s World Foundation, which was organized to honor her late son’s memory. I attended the event in support of Raymond, but had no idea it was to be filmed for the show.

Needless to say, I caught wind of drama on deck as soon as I pulled up on the scene as I spotted Tameka and DJ Traci Steele (formerly of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) going at at!

o here’s the deal, I heard that  DJ Traci and her baby daddy DJ Baby Drew have officially been booted from the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

The couple just didn’t have what was needed to ‘turn up’ on the ratchet reality show and won’t be returning for season 3.

But it seems Traci learned her lesson.

The Atlanta DJ has been hanging out with Torrei Hart on the set of ‘Atlanta Exes’ and it seems that Hart and Raymond haven’t ‘bonded’ as expected. Steele (who knows Raymond) decided to be the ‘glue’ that could possibly hold the two ‘reality show’ newbies together.

Steele’s idea was a complete FAIL, especially considering that she brought the drama to an event that was being held to honor Tameka’s deceased son!

With camera’s rolling, Steele immediately ‘Turned UP’ for the show and acted out at the event in front of several surprised customers.

From what I’ve heard, Traci came into the store yelling and screaming at Tameka asking why she didn’t like Torrei and blah blah blah. Tameka could be heard stating, ‘this isn’t the place for this’ and Traci continued to press the issue.

When I pulled up, I spotted the three women walking out of the store where the argument continued outside. I stopped for a moment and chatted with Monyetta Shaw (she’s such a sweetie), which was when a producer came asking me to sign a release.

[SIDEBAR:  Y’all already know I don’t do releases. I had no intention of being filmed and had I signed a release, you guys wouldn’t have this tea! So thank me later. lol]

Tameka was apparently upset that the women would go so far as to bring the drama to something that was being held to honor her son and I’ve HEARD that Raymond submitted her resignation shortly after Traci showed up and showed out.

So Traci Steele is joining the cast of Atlanta Exes and Tameka Raymond is walking off the cast after 2 weeks of filming.  Dayum shame….

Traci, I’m all for doing it for the Vine, honey but that there would have been grounds for the beat down of a lifetime. You will not ruin an event in my deceased son’s memory with your antics to remain relevant.

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