When news first broke rapper Andre 3000 would be playing the role of Jimi Hendrix in a film, many were skeptical. Now, a few days before it makes it’s debut at South By Southwest Music Festival, the first clip is making the rounds on the internet.

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The film, titled “All Is By My Side,” focuses on the life of the guitar legend before he became a worldwide sensation at the Monterrey Pop Festival where he famously lit his guitar on fire. Viewers get to watch Hendrix go from a backing musician in New York City to a celebrated artist in London. Although “All Is By My Side” is a biopic, none of the music Hendrix created will be apart of the film because his estate wouldn’t give producers of the film the rights to the songs. However, as Hendrix, Andre 3000 will perform covers of songs by The Beatles, Muddy Waters, and Elvis Presley.

In the preview clip, we find Jimi Hendrix in a bar talking to a model who turned into his muse named Linda Keith. He’s trying to convince her to come see him perform at the Monterrey Pop Festival.

Check out the clip below.


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