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Okay…now if this is true…this is far beyond thirsty…it’s just flat out gross. According to TMZ, rumors are swirling that Kenya Moore’s beloved little dog Velvet is just fine! It is being reported that after all that crying and not being able to function….Kenyas adorable little pooch was over at Brandon DeShazer’s house living it up on doggie vacation!

TMZ says that Kenya  insists she DID NOT fake her dog’s death for ratings and is disgusted at reports that claim otherwise.

Everyone who watched “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” saw this storyline. Kenya was inconsolable after her beloved little yorkie of 7 years Velvet was attacked by a neighbor’s dog and died while Kenya was trying to rush her to the vet.   

Kenya had current, past and future dog owners feeling sick over the thought of losing their own dogs and feeling total sympathy for what she was going through.

Take a look at next week’s “Puppy Funeral” in the video below!



But the day after the episode aired, reports came out claiming the dog was alive and well and living with her friend Brandon DeShazer (aka the guy who Apollo Nida put the smack down on at the “pillow talk” party)… and that Moore had FAKED the death to drive up ratings….and probably to gain some personal points too…but we digress! 

DeShazer (who posted a series of old photos of Velvet when the show aired that sparked the rumor) said the reports are,

“Vile and irresponsible. Anybody who has pets knows the kind of love you develop for them. To report that something like that would be staged … it’s disgusting.”

Moore is said to still be heartbroken over Velvet’s passing and calls the reports “evil.” according to TMZ.

But here’s the thing….even if the rumors are untrue…and that cute little pup really is gone…we suggest someone do some deep soul searching over WHY folks would be QUICK to believe that it’s true. The reality is…Kenya has done so many things to get attention in the past that people are truly willing to think this is nothing different from that. And as “vile” and “evil” as Kenya and Brandon may want to believe it is…they must ask themselves what role they played in making it so. 



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