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We told you yesterday that Columbus Short’s wife, Tuere, filed for divorce from him again early this week, and also filed a restraining order against him after a scary attack at the couple’s LA home on April 7. Well, Radar Online actually got their hands on the restraining order papers, in which the fight between the couple is described in detail by Tuere. As you will find out, she seemed to be in great danger:

At about 9 p.m. on April 7, 2014, I was on the phone with [Columbus’] personal assistant. [Columbus], who appeared intoxicated, walked into the room with a wine bottle and stared at me threateningly. He then charged me, grabbed the phone, and started yelling at me abusively. He lunged at me a few times and acted as if he was about to hit me with the bottle. I tried to get away from him but he followed me. He then cornered me and dumped the wine on me.

[Columbus] then continued to berate me abusively. Again I tried to get away, but he followed me, and while I was close to the upstairs railing (which is about waist high) he shoved me and almost caused me to fall over the railing, but I was able to catch myself. I then ran downstairs. He ran downstairs after me and grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

He then pinned me on the couch and began to choke me. He placed the knife close to my neck and threatened to kill me and then kill himself. He insisted that we play a game he called ‘Truth or Truth’ and told me if I lied to him he was going to stab me in the leg. He started randomly listing names of people we knew and accused me of having an affair. I denied his accusations each time … after each denial he stabbed the couch next to where I was or stabbed other nearby furniture. He placed the knife next to my throat two more times and again threatened to kill both of us.

At this time, I heard our two-year-old daughter upstairs, who was woken by the screaming. I tried to get up and go comfort our daughter, but he told me not to get her — he would not let me get off the couch. He then saw that I had a credit card in my hand, and he grabbed it from me. He went to go hide the credit card, at which time I ran upstairs and got my daughter. I then ran outside and got into the car. Before I could drive off, [Columbus] ran to the car and started hitting the window. Then he tried to get behind the car and block me from leaving. I was able to slowly maneuver the car and drive away.

I began driving to my nanny’s home, but when I was a couple of miles away, I noticed a loud noise coming from the car and I suspected I had a flat tire. I pulled into a gas station and then saw that the tire was completely flat and it appeared to have been slashed. He likely slashed the tire as I was driving away from the house.

In the documents, Tuere also spoke about the two previous incidents that occurred where police had to get involved earlier in the year. This includes an altercation on February 18 where Columbus “pushed me and started screaming that I needed to leave. He also threatened to hurt me. His yelling woke up our 2-year-old daughter. I went to our daughter’s room. She was scared and shaking. ”

She claims that she tried to comfort the child and then Columbus came in and shattered her phone.

And there’s also the incident a few weeks earlier, in which he was charged for criminal domestic violence and child abuse (because their daughter and his son were present) for doing this:

“I was sleeping … [Columbus] jumped on me and woke me up. He started choking me. After I was able to get out of bed, he chased me around the house, at times cornering me and pushing me. He was constantly threatening me. I tried to hide in a room, but he dragged me out and threw me to the floor.”

As part of the restraining order, Columbus was ordered to leave their shared home, and as part of Tuere’s divorce filing, she is seeking full custody of their 2-year-old.

A custody hearing is set for May 6.

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