RHOAreunion6_MaMaKandi“She’s still not really giving him any credit,” Kandi said about her mom’s attitude toward Todd. “I don’t know what else he needs to do.”

Though her mother kept her word and did not object to the marriage during the Coming to America-themed ceremony, Kandi noted that her mom wasn’t exactly joyous during the occasion.

“She was there, but not smiling,” said Kandi who was doing enough grinning for the both of them. “It was so funny. I totally lost cool points. I could not stop smiling like a clown. I was doing the wrong smile. I was super happy.”

Mama Joyce’s several concerns about Kandi and Todd’s relationship were a major storyline of season 6, and Kandi has no idea why her mother still has issues with Todd. However, she thinks her mom may just be trying to save face. “She went so hard, she just doesn’t want to be wrong at this point,” reasoned Kandi who is happy to be married to Todd, despite her mom’s displeasure.

“I am in a much better place!” she wrote in her BravoTV.com blog. “Things are better, just not where I want them to be between Todd and my mom.”

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