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Cynthia_NeNeCynthia Bailey said the way that NeNe Leakes throws shade at her and then tries to apologize later is bull$#!t.

The two “Real Housewives of Atlanta” BFFs fell out during season 6 over an argument that happened between NeNe and Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas. Ultimately, NeNe and Peter ended up arguing in front of the entire cast and NeNe told Peter that he needed to stay out of the “women’s business,” and stop acting like a b!tc#.

Although NeNe attempted an apology on the show, Cynthia said things NeNe wrote in her blog were hurtful, and she’s not even sure the “Dancing with the Star” contestant understands why.

“I don’t even know at this point if she’s even aware of how she can just be shady, just not friendly, not inviting. I read on her blog and she’s like going in on me,” Cynthia said during Part 2 of the “RHOA” reunion. “If you say anything slightly to NeNe, she feels attacked and she just goes in. “

While all the women trade barbs via social media, Cynthia said she would expect a friend to pick up the phone and discuss any issues before publicizing them to the masses.

“If you say something about me, I’m not going to my blog and Twitter and address it. I’m going to say, ‘Hey, NeNe. Let’s talk.’ You don’t have to go on your blog and throw shade,” Cynthia tried to explain to NeNe.

According to Cynthia, NeNe writes first and thinks later, and that’s not something Cynthia would do to her friends, she said.

“I’m not just going to go ham and say all this crazy stuff and then call and be like, ‘Hey, girl. I know I blowed your head off on the show, girl, but I’m sorry.’ That’s bull$#1t,” said Cynthia.

In response, NeNe had little to say about what she’s written on the blogs and instead talked about Peter and his interactions with the “RHOA” women.

“Do you think it is okay for your husband to sit up and have arguments and get in everybody’s face? Do you think that is okay?“ NeNe asked while listing off the names of cast members who’ve argued with Peter.

“You don’t see anything wrong with that. My husband doesn’t need to get between me and you because he’s causing a problem. Your husband got a problem with me, he should tell you and you can tell me,” said NeNe.

It remains to be seen whether the former BFFs can resolve things, but Cynthia explained to NeNe what’s necessary to get them back on track.

“I want the same respect that you expect from your friends. I do,” Cynthia said.

Watch their exchange below.

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