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action-bronsonQueens rapper Action Bronson is a big guy and he absolutely hates it when fans try to bulrush the stage when he’s performing. So here’s a word to the wise, don’t try to get on a stage when Action Bronson is on unless he invites you because he will help you off the stage in a not-so-nice manner. A North Carolina fan learned that when he hopped on stage to pass the rapper a blunt.

Bronson was rocking the crowd and everyone was in high spirits until Bronson was forced to lay his enormous paws on the fan. While Action Bronson was performing, the male fan got close to the stage and seemed to offer up his strand of cannabis. However, the rapper didn’t see the fan at first. Next thing you know, the fan is standing on the stage and Action Bronson halts his verse and hits dude with a clothesline straight out of a WWE wrestling textbook. The fan went flying into the audience and the show went on as if nothing ever happened.


The video of the incident was uploaded on YouTube and whoever took the video wasn’t a fan of the guy who got hit either. In the “About” section of the clip, the poster wrote:

I don’t have anything against hipsters or whatever but that kid was pissing me the whole show. I’m so glad he jumped on stage to give Bronson his lil mosquito leg blunt. He got his sh*t wreaked tho.. He got hit so hard he flipped three rows back into the crowd. That boy found Christ in mid air. He got hit so hard that the inventor of bucket hats dropped his cane and gasped like yoda when the sith took over. Action pulled a sharkesha i’m not gonna front. That kid legit wanted to give him his blunt so bad that he forgot whose show he was fair-weathering at.

He then came back and updated the “About” section:

Look guys, action is a loving man and deserves the highest form of respect from everyone. I know some of you pussies can’t handle to watch someone get escorted off a stage via fore-arm well i’m really sorry.. what you must understand is that if you invite yourself on to ANYONE’S stage then you sir are an asshole and deserve whatever you get. that kid in this video ran at him when i moved the camera away, shit IF YOU WERE WORLD FAMOUS AND SOMEONE RAN AT YOU LOOKING LIKE A CRACKHEAD YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO STICK THEM. END OF STORY.

With that being said don’t message me asking no questions about this shit(unless you’re paying me, bitch). I only posted this video so the next idiot doesn’t make the same mistake and so the hip hop heads could get a glimpse of the best concert that I’ve ever been to…….. JUST PROMISE ME that you tell your mother that you love her, for me. STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO AND KEEP IT G.

You’ve been put on notice.

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