Monica_BigTiggerMonica Brown has had a successful 20-year career in the music business, and while some R&B artists are worried about what’s next for the genre, Monica is not.

“I think history repeats itself in a lot of different ways. You just have to be patient in the transition. We always go back; look at fashion; look at hair. It’s coming around again,” Monica told V-103 host Big Tigger about R&B making a big comeback.

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Whatever is next, Monica said she’s not stressing about it. Throughout her career, she’s learned to have faith. That’s worked for her so far.

“I try to not decide where I’m heading. There’s a higher power who’s already in control of that,” she said. “If I look back over the last 20 years, I never would have guessed that I would have done any of the things that I did or seen any of the things that I saw. You just really can’t plan it,” said Monica.

Although she doesn’t try to orchestrate her future, Monica said she does plan to continue making music and being as authentic as she can for her fans.

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“It was the one thing that opened the doors for me and it helped me to really change my life and my perspective on a lot of different things,” Monica said about music. “I stay focused on telling the truth in the music, being real in the music, giving it 100 percent of what I got and that will keep me connected to the people.”

Though she wants to stay connected, fans may have been missing Monica lately while she carried and then gave birth to her daughter. However, the Still Standing artist said she was working on her next project during that time, not at all forgetting about her fans.

“I was pregnant with my daughter, but I’m my most creative when I am pregnant because I tune everything else out. I’m just taking care of my body. I’m taking care of my mind. I’m giving myself a chance to feel,” said Monica who described what her fans can expect from her upcoming effort.

“This album is really more a reflection of everything I been through, the good and the bad,” she said. “New Life was more of me saying let me just pay respect for where I am now. This album is basically me going back over all, over everything.”

Watch Monica with Tigger below.

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