LaTaviaRobersonOn “R&B Divas: Atlanta,” LaTavia Roberson seems reluctant to perform, but the singer said she’d do just that if she were invited to be apart of a Destiny’s Child tour.

“The sky is the limit and I am open to anything,” LaTavia told

Though some assume LaTavia has a strained relationship with her former group members, she said she has no hard feelings about her dismissal from Destiny’s Child and is proud of all of the women.

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“Something that is definitely misconceived about me is that I’m bitter about the way that things went down. Me being apart of such a big entity is one of the best things that has ever happened in my whole entire life,” she said. “What people do not know is that sometimes I’m in my room when I’m at home with my mother visiting in Houston is, ‘Girl, if you play another Beyoncé song. Stop putting it on repeat…’ I support the ladies so much. It means a lot to me…I’m so glad to know that everybody has been able to have [her] own success… I think that it’s phenomenal. I think that it’s great.”

LaTavia said that what may come across to viewers as a fear of returning to singing is actually her wanting to make sure things are done right.

“People think that I’m afraid to sing. No, it’s not that I’m afraid to sing. My fear is coming and having to do something so quick and it not being right. My manager and business partner, we focus very, very, very hard on trying to make sure that the brand remains what the brand needs to be. We can’t half step. We can’t be mediocre about anything. Everything needs to definitely be right,” explained LaTavia who admitted that she doesn’t necessarily want to continue singing. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be an R&B diva.

Angie puts LaTavia on the spot. Watch it below.

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