Seem like Lebron can’t stay out of the news or rumor mills. USA Today is reporting that Lebron James is interested in playing with longtime friend Carmelo Anthony. We all know Carmelo was a part of the same draft class with Lebron fellow Heat teammates Wade and Bosh.


Lebron must be trying to spread the championship wealth amongst his friends. I don’t see a reason why he should even be thinking that. I’m sure all this gossip are just rumors that’s started by a person claiming to have unknown sources.

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Like really, why would Lebron leave Miami especially if they 3Peat?


In the report by USA Today, according to two people with knowledge of the situation, Anthony’s part in this fluid free agency situation is worth monitoring as James is known to be interested in eventually playing with his close friend. Anthony also has a player option on his deal for next season (worth $23.5 million), and his connection to James has teams like the Lakers, Knicks and even the Heat wondering whether he may be able to join the four-time NBA MVP.


The people requested anonymity because of sensitive nature of free agency talk. So basically this summer will be a blockbuster year for free agency is Lebron, Wade, and Bosh chooses to opt out of their contracts. I mean really, could we just enjoy the NBA Finals without all the summer speculation about something we don’t even know would happen.



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