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Columbus Short Is In Denial

Columbus Short is on the road to destruction and we’re wondering when his management team is going to step in and get him some help. In case you missed it, Short (on top of a slew of other legal run ins) was arrested this weekend for a getting into yet another bar fight. Short was recently charged with misdemeanor spousal battery and aggravated assault. He lost his job and wife Tanee McCall-Short and still manages to blame it on his magnitude as a celebrity.

Short revealed his struggles in an interview with Access Hollywood. ‘I think there’s a time when your personal life gets magnified by who we are as celebrities,” he told host Billy Bush. He opened up about his recent arrest saying “There’s something visceral that happened inside of me, and yeah, I’ll say it, even as a black man in handcuffs on the ground, for no justifiable reason at all. I wasn’t acting intoxicated. I had had a couple of drinks, but whatever, I was angry and I used my vocabulary to kind of fight that….I didn’t get into a fight.”

There must be tons of people lying on Columbus because he said, he’s never been in a fight with his wife either. “Me and my wife, we’re going through problems. Serious, serious problems. However, the domestic [violence] part of it… I’m not a physically violent man…. I’ve never put my hands on a woman, physically, ever, and would not. I was raised by women.”

He went on to say, about his marriage, “This chapter is closed. There’s a new chapter, and I’m not the author of this, God is…. But I know that chapter is closed and I’m excited for the next one.”

So he’s just going to act like he doesn’t have an alcohol problem? OK, we’re done.

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