Did you know hormones developed during pregnancy could cause a woman to become allergic to a man’s bodily fluids? Well, one couple found this out the hard way on a recent episode of TLC’s “Sex Sent Me To The E.R.” show.

Some women are sick of their husbands. A woman named Kristyn gets sick from her husband, Sean.

Not him exactly, just his seminal fluid, according to an episode of Sex Sent Me To The E.R. airing Saturday on TLC.

After their son’s birth, Kristyn developed a ton of allergies and other health issues that stopped them from having intercourse for a year.

On Sean’s birthday, Kristyn surprised her husband with sex and the couple got an even bigger surprise.

Done correctly, sex usually leads to a lot of heavy breathing, but Kristyn had a much more severe reaction. She mysteriously experienced severe swelling, burning sensations and had breathing difficulties so severe that she passed out on the way to the hospital.

Doctors suspected she might be allergic to Sean’s cologne, but tests revealed another allergen — his sperm.

Via Bossip

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