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Former Fugees member Pras is embroiled in an ugly child support dispute involving his 4-year-old son. The New York Post is reporting the rapper and an ex-girlfriend are in court over allegations he won’t pony up on additional funds to foot the bill for increased fees in vacations, birthday parties and day care costs. Angela Severiano is asking a Manhattan Family Court judge to raise the current child support payments from $3,000 to $7,000 a month. According to Severiano, the Grammy-winner pulls in $1.7 million a year but isn’t coughing up more money for the added expenses for their child.

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Pras’ attorney insists the income amount in which Severiano is quoting, was from a 2012 rental document and his income is actually in the low six figures. Pras was a no-show for court and according to his lawyer was too ill to attend.  While Pras has kept quiet on the situation, he spoke exclusively to Hip-Hop Wired about the affair and insists he’s doing right by his son. According to Pras:

In all honesty, I have no relationship with this woman,” he admits. “But the child is my responsibility and if I have to pay $3,000 or whatever, I’m doing that. But here’s the truth of the matter–and I don’t care who knows–I only slept with her twice. When I was intimate with her, I was responsible but the condom came off. And she said to me, ‘Oh, I’m cool! I’m on the pill!,” he recalls. “Then she comes back to me three months later talking about, ‘I’m pregnant.’ This is the type of woman we’re dealing with. She’s worse than a video vixen!”

Say what now? Meanwhile, Pras also claims the court room drama has limited his ability to spend time with his son. Pras stated:

I can’t have a relationship [with my son] because I’m in the middle of a court battle and she’s preventing me from doing so,” he says remorsefully. “Unfortunately when it comes to family court, she’s considered the primary caretaker by default because me and her never had any sort of relationship.”


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