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Roger Friedman from shared his exclusive interview with Phylicia Rashad where he asked her about the accusations against the legendary comedian and actor. Friedman quoted Rashad as saying, “Forget these women” and claimed that Cosby’s legacy is being targeted. Friedman’s quote went viral and people were shocked, saddened and mostly disgusted by Rashad’s comment.

Friedman displayed his journalistic responsibility to clear up Rashad’s statements, saying she didn’t mean her words in the way that we took them–as dismissal:

“Folks, I have been out of pocket all day on a personal matter. Let me clear something. I did not misquote Phylicia Rashad. But she didn’t mean for it to be taken the way it was, and I should have punctuated. There was NEVER the meaning in ‘Forget those women’ that she was saying to actually forget or dismiss then. She meant, ‘those women aside’– as in, she’s not talking about that, she’s talking about Cosby’s legacy being destroyed. It was conversational. Somehow this got twisted. I am really sorry if the way I presented it made it seem like either one of us was forgetting anyone. I’ve been at a hospice on and off for 10 days with a family friend of 40 years. So really, let’s all calm down. What Phylicia was doing was defending her friend and his legacy. That’s what she said, that’s what I wrote, I’m sorry if it caused her grief. And no one asked me to write this. I’m just saying it because I like and respect her.

PS I am also taking out the “Forget those women” because it was misunderstood, and not for any other reason.

Well, that clears that up. Rashad was not intended to shame the alleged victims of Bill Cosby, she didn’t even want to talk about said victims, but about Cosby’s legacy being thrown away as he’s accused of being a sexual predator. Either way, we’re still not sure what to believe when it comes to this terrible Cosby controversy. Our hearts go out to the victims.


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