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As promisedGloZell Green, the green-lipped YouTube sensation infamous for her crazy video antics, spoke with president Barack Obama as part of his White House Initiative, the YouTube State of the YOUnion.

President Obama, who gave his SOTU address to the nation on Tuesday evening, sought to speak directly to the people via three of YouTube’s biggest stars – Hank Green, GloZell Green (no relation to Hank) and Bethany Mota, who between them have more followers than most mainstream news organizations. Each star got about 15 minutes with the president.

Green, now infamous for her zany “cinnamon challenge” (viewed over 42 million times,) maintained her down-to-earth persona throughout her conversation with the president, and touched on a wide range of issues including cybersecurity, gay marriage, Cuba, Obama’s legacy, and how black men are shot and killed by “po po.”

The President gave as good as he got it, vacillating between serious answers and the teasing jokes he is known for.

After greeting POTUS with a sista-girl hug when he went in for an introductory hand shake, GloZell first asked about cybersecurity in light of the Sony hack, and how people like her – who work in the online field – could feel protected by the government.

After the president responded, GloZell moved on to a far more serious topic, never missing a beat of her comedic personality.

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GloZell said her husband is “mad at me right now” because she cut off all the hoods of his hoodies. Why? Because she’s afraid that he’s going to be shot and killed. “And it’s not by regular folks,” GloZell was clear to say. “It’s the po-po.”

She then asked the president pointedly,“how can we bridge the gap between African American males and white cops?”

“Well first of all, we always have to remind ourselves that the overwhelming majority of police officers are doing a really tough job and they are doing it well,” Obama began.

“What we also know is that there are still biases in our society, that in split second situations, studies have shown that African American males are seen as more threatening, which puts them in vulnerable situations, [and] young African American males are seen as older than they are, and so…a lot of the way to solve this is to improve training so that people can be aware of their biases ahead of time,” Obama continued.

The president went on to say that as a state senator in Illinois he passed a racial profiling act, and that he has recently created a task force with police and community activists including those “actively involved in some of the Ferguson protests,” promising that he is going to take those recommendations and “put some Federal muscle behind them.”

“I believe [this is] something that everybody – not just African Americans or Latinos – should be concerned about,” concluded Obama.

GloZell then moved on to other topics, asking about Cuba, gay marriage and his legacy, ending on a beauty note, by gifting the president three tubes of her signature green lipstick for his “first wife” and daughters.

When she said “First wife,” the president quipped, “Do you know something that I don’t?” and laughed.

Green, who seemed a little embarrassed by her faux pas, said that she meant “first lady.”

Obama then said that he would ask “Michelle to try it on tonight,” with a proverbial wink, and as they hugged again, asked if she got “any green lipstick on me,” before moving on to speak with Mota.

Watch the GloZell Green Interview below (starts at 15:51)


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