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money and violence web series

Watching the Money & Violence web series is a lot like eating an entire bag of cookies in one sitting. You know every bite is bad for you, but you keep eating anyway. With each episode of Money & Violence, you know that nothing on the screen will enhance you in any way, but it’s really hard to turn it off.

Created by and starring a Brooklyn native named Moe (@Cloud9TV), MAV takes viewers back to a time when the borough wasn’t overrun with out-of-towners, hipsters and fancy baby strollers, a time when taking what you wanted earned you respect in the hood. It’s the hood-millennial version of Paid in Full we never knew we wanted.

The show definitely comes with its flaws. The acting isn’t the best, but it’s a new series (MVA premiered in August 2014) so with each episode comes room for improvement. And then there moments when a character does something that is so old-school that it makes you give your screen the side-eye because you forget it’s 2015. But even those moments are still believable enough to appreciate and enjoy.

In one scene, Kane played by @Ace_General is looking for a job, but he’s actually combing the classifieds in the newspaper. A classified section that’s “powered” by, funny enough. I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard of anyone looking for a job in a paper, but it gets a pass.

rafe money and violence

I literally have the key to each and every television series I could ever want to see at my disposal. Netflix? Check. Hulu? Check. Everything critically acclaimed and high-brow is available for me to binge, yet, here I am fully engrossed in the cheesy (and gritty) storylines of MAV. In one scene from the premiere episode, we see a woman and man sitting on a park bench, using clues from Instagram plot how they’re going to rob another man.

The show does have it’s bright spots, though. It comes complete with authentic Brooklyn staples like your credit card scammers, the icey-selling lady, and even a dude doing pulls up on a light pole. There’s also Moe (the star and creator) who plays Rafe. He’s like the Stringer Bell who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

It’s worth a watch. Check out episode one below, you just might get hooked. #DontSayWeDidn’tWarnYou

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