Update: Authorities were said to have issued a bulletin to all Southern California law enforcement mentioning “be on the lookout” for Suge Knight. It was also mentioned that he is wanted for questioning for murder, and considered armed and dangerous. Authorities also said, that Suge’s lawyer is arranging for him to surrender to the Sheriff’s Dept.

Heres the story:  Allegedly Suge Knight got into a physical altercation on the set of a film involving Ice Cube and Dr. Dre  in Compton. After the fight with 2men,  Knight fled the set, and in the midst of doing so he ran over a man by the name of Terry Carter (his friend who came along with him), Cle “Bone” Sloane who appeared in “Training Day” and “End Of Watch”, and another unnamed man.

Witnesses say, when Suge Knight pulled up in his car he was told to leave, and that’s when trouble started.

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