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Congrats to Marcel Mckenzie for Winning Masters of the Mic!

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Marcel McKenzie is a rap artist that enjoys creating songs not only for himself but also others. The talented young artist began to discover his writing ability in the early 2000’s, but it never crossed his astonishing mind to want to become an artist until his senior year in 2008, in which he graduated.

Marcel Lee McKenzie was born on January 2, 1990, in Cleveland OH, in a household of three, mom, dad and sister, on the Westside of Cleveland. Marcel attended Lincoln West High School for four years, but graduated and earned his high school diploma at Christian Academy in 2009. Marcel performed as an all-star performer in sports as a track and basketball athlete which was his dreams until he suddenly became ineligible to play due to lack of performance in class. Due to his disappointment in fulfilling his dreams as a basketball and track athlete a new fire was lite, this was his love for writing rhymes, dancing and making beats.

When he was younger, Marcel McKenzie wrote lyrics for fun but never took music seriously. Not long after his disappointment of his athletic dream, a group named the 90’s Babies asked him to join their group after hearing Marcel “spit” some of his rhymes, they immediately asked him to become a part of them. Not realizing the flame that was burning within him for the love of music and rhymes and that it took him to a level he never dreamed of. Marcel McKenzie began wanting to succeed in music more than anything and realized he was better off as an solo artist.

In 2012, Marcel McKenzie dropped his first mix tape “On My Own Level,” and has also performed at numerous venues and talent shows. Marcel has been known to rock the mic with his swaging rhymes and his hot beats as he prepares to drop his second mix tape in the beginning part of 2014. Marcel McKenzie definitely has the motivation and determination to ROCK the crowd and to fulfill his dreams as the hottest rap artist of his time. He began his outbreak in 2015 which he won Masters of the Mic contest for popular radio station z107.9. The REST IS HISTORY!!

Instagram: CELL_UPNEXT

Facebook: Marcel L.Mckenzie

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