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Not since the season finale of Empire have we been this excited to rush home after a long a** day at work and watch other people’s lives. Last night, after much anticipation and dreadful episodes of Love & Hip Hop: NY, season 4 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premiered to a salivating social media audience.

The first episode picked up where the season 3 reunion left off and we were updated on our favorite characters’ story lines. Like the beginning of LHHATL, Stevie and Mimi are once again carrying the show. And with Joseline missing in action, it gave us a chance to see how their relationship has grown from lovers, to enemies, to friends again and business partners And we must admit, it’s kinda awkward. Given their history and all… (Mimi and Stevie came on the show together, but their relationship ended in turmoil when Stevie J’s other life was exposed.)

Speaking of exposed, Stevie J has a drug problem. Surprised? Not really. (But we’ll chat about that when the time comes.)

Most LHHATL fans were wondering where the hell the Puerto Rican princess was. According to Stevie, “Joseline is in Puerto Rico trying to get her mind right.” Whatever the hell that means. We have a feeling she might have been in rehab or something, but that’s just us being messy. (It’s LHH, everything about it is messy.)

Moving on.

Can we talk about Kirk for a minute? Girl! He had the nerve to secretly rent an apartment and call it an office. But oh, it gets better. He brought his artist Dawn, who he signed to a five-album record deal, to the apartment where she comfortably spread out across the bed. Kirk, probably feeling like a scum ball at that point, mentioned the painting of him and his lovely wife Rasheeda he kept in the room. Oh, you mean that painting sitting in front of the bed where Dawn is sprawled across? Sigh.

Dawn obviously needed help taking off her jacket so she enlisted Kirk to pull her sleeve as she twirls around in the pants we’re certain she purchased from an Instagram boutique. Is Kirk smashing the little PYT? We’ll just have to see…

There’s a few newcomers to the scene: rapper Tiffany Foxx and King Of Diamonds stripper Jessice Dimepiece/ the chick with the pink hair. Both ladies are seemingly after Joseline’s spot. (We know what you’re thinking, what spot? Joseline hasn’t release music since she hummed on a track in the second season.) Stevie agreed to check out Tiffany’s performance with Mimi, his new business partner, but got drunk and made a fool of himself. Naturally.

Mimi was embarrassed. Or was she? She seemed flattered when Stevie offered her a bottle of Sleezy sauce. What is Sleazy sauce? So glad you asked. A bottle of his sperm. Because he keeps a stash like new mothers keep breast milk.

Clearly Stevie still has some feelings for Mimi because he propositions her for sex every chance he gets and is still fighting her battles. Apparently Mimi signed a contract with her ex-boyfriend and resident LHHATL “freako” Nikko that gives him 25% of her book royalties. Nikko pops up at Mimi’s photo shoot to remind her of his stake in the deal and demand his cut. Right before that scene, he met up with his wife Margeaux (yup, he’s married) where he told her he and Mimi planned their sex tape, contradicting their claims that the tape was leaked after their bags were stolen on vacation. At the time of the release, Nikko and Margeaux were separated and dating other people which is why Margeaux was fine with his relationship with Mimi but felt he took it too far when he started having sex on camera. Ya think?

Mimi told Stevie about Nikko’s hands in her pot and Stevie vowed to take care of it. So he confronted Nikko, in a dark alley, with only the producers, cameramen and crew around. They exchanged some idle threats that were all pretty comical. Then Nikko mentioned Stevie and Mimi’s daughter Eva. Big mistake. Stevie warned Nikko against bringing Eva into their conversation and Nikko responded by mentioning her yet again. Next thing we know, Stevie does a racer move and charges at Nikko’s abs. Weird. If Joseline was around she would have gotten the swinging.

The episode ends with scuffle noises that we assume are the sounds of the crew’s sneakers as they dart towards the boys to break up the organized chaos. We’re left hanging.

While episode 1 was pretty tame, we’re expecting big things out of Yung Joc’s storyline. He impregnates his side-chick-turned-main-chick who doesn’t know she’s a still side chick to his baby’s mother. And we can’t write off Joseline, who is planning a major return.

Tell us what you thought about the season premiere in the comments section.


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