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Floyd Mayweather in SA

Source: The Times / Getty

During an interview with Stephen A. Smith, from ESPN’s First Take, Floyd Mayweather made a comment that struck some people the wrong way. In addition to claiming that he is better than heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali , he mentioned that he deals with the same level of racism that Ali endured during his career. “I’m going through the same thing in today’s time” he tells Stephen A. Smith. He goes on to say, “You don’t think I deal with racism every day?”

Uh er um… I do believe wholeheartedly that racism still exist in 2015, but I think it was very shallow of Mayweather to compare the two struggles. We’re talking about blatant segregation, lynching,  church burnings, and other acts of cruelty inflicted on our grands and greatgrands.

So, I decided to highlight some ways I think the two boxing champs are similar yet different.

  1. Name Change: Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali for religious, political and possibly social reasons while Floyd nicknamed himself as Pretty Boy Floyd and Money Mayweather to boast and brag I assume.
  2. Famous Entourage: Muhammad Ali is known for friendships with political figures such as Malcolm X, while Mayweather has been spotted with people such as Justin Beiber in his circle.
  3. Jail Time: The two spent time in the jail. Ali for refusing to go to war in Vietnam, and well Mayweather for domestic violence abuse.


Muhammad Ali is known as a philanthropist and social activist among other titles. Has Floyd Mayweather been highlighted in the media for anything  other than his trouble with reading? If racism is still as present today as the 50’s, why isn’t he actively involved?


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