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Janet Hubert Comes For Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore

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Janet Hubert is not here for Kenya Moore’s games. The former Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air mother took to Facebook to snatch Kenya’s edges after she says she wasn’t paid for her role on Life Twirls On.

“The theft of one’s art seems to be at critical mass if not in the music industry but in all forms of art,” she wrote. “A house that is burned can be rebuilt, a bone that breaks can be grafted, but reputation and one’s name cannot.”


She continued,

“I use Facebook as my form of communication and friendship, so that the media cannot spin anymore wicked webs. I tell you this because I am proud to be the fighter that I am. I have filed criminal fraud charges against Kenya Moore for falsifying official time sheets, and signing them in my name.”

And finally,

“If you come at ME, I Will… meet you at the door. You can steam my money, art, you can steal my image… but I draw the line in the sand with stealing my identity. Ms. Moore may life in the Reality Realm, but some of us live in the real world. There are reactions to every action, and for a criminal action, this is my only recourse.”

Drops mic.

This isn’t the first of Hubert’s rants against Moore. Earlier this month, she wrote:

Hubert wrote:

“Many thanks for all the likes. For Blacktors and Blacktresses everywhere…beware the new Reality TV Scam. Obtaining SAG contracts to promote their own storylines. I was used…beware Reality TV personalities! And all extras, when they want to pay you 10.00 an hour as they tried to do with me. Lost time sheets…Please share and beware!

She later added:

“For all the actors that appeared on the Kenya Moore so called pilot, don’t feel bad she fooled us all, and used the wonderful Winsome Sinclair to cast this mess. My advice to you all next time never sign the release that Bravo tried to get me to sign. Only sign what you are supposed to and that is what is related to the union contract. These reality shows are not governed by unions. That is why they can get away with the stuff they get away with. It is like a freak show, do not be fooled by it. They will ask you to sign your life away…don’t do it.”

Moore has some explaining to do…

Wendy’s Husband  Goes Off On NeNe?

Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter apparently had a fit during NeNe Leakes’ keynote address at the Women’s Expo at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta this weekend. According to Leakes, who visited Watch What Happens Live after the event, she never actually saw Wendy or her husband but heard he went “completely crazy” backstage.

We’re not sure why Williams’ husband reportedly went off, but we wonder if it had anything to do with past beef between the two women. In case you missed it, Leakes scolded Williams for talking messy about her on The Wendy Williams Show.


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