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Who’s Fault Is It, Anyway?

Margeaux and Mimi picked up where last week’s episode left off, with their squabble at the waist trainer event. Nikko thought it was a good idea to introduce his wife to Mimi, and of course they got into it. Mimi tried to pretend that she was above it all while Margeaux kept trying it, by putting her hand in Mimi’s face. They didn’t come to blows, because, you know, they allegedly signed contracts saying they wouldn’t fight anymore, but I wouldn’t have been mad if Mimi popped Margeaux for being disrespectful. Mimi isn’t that smart, as we know, but she does always seem to have sense enough to know when to remove her self from a bad situation.

But Margeaux may have actually gotten the one up because the entire time they were arguing, she kept shouting about Mimi allegedly being the mastermind of the sex tape — yeah, in that room full of nosy and chatty people…and on camera too, of course.

The Auction

Yung Joc tipped Kirk off about Rasheeda auctioning his prized possessions, so he cut his “business trip” with Ashley Nicole short, and paid Rasheeda a visit. He tried to get the auction shut down, but Rasheeda made the auctioneer keep going. However, eventually, folks began making their own way out after Rasheeda, Shirlene and Ashley Nicole got into it. Shirlene rode for her daughter by questioning who the hell Ashley Nicole was and why she was rolling with Kirk. Ashley Nicole, not understanding boundaries, had the nerve to bring up Kirk cheating on Rasheeda as a verbal dart. That was when Rasheeda reminded her that she was the boss chick and that she and Kirk are business partners and that she also had power to shut that record deal down. Bloop…but not really. That read sounded good for TV, but if Rasheeda really had power then Kirk wouldn’t be acting the entire fool.

Later in the episode…

Kirk and Rasheeda have a chat about all that went down. She explained that she did what she did so that she could illustrate a point—basically, it doesn’t feel good to have your spouse sneaking behind your back. He had the nerve to play victim and claim that he felt violated. Boy, bye! Actually, bye to both of them! This is back and forth is beyond dumb, and I wish they’d both admit that they love drama.

Eva Delivers

Mimi did the smartest thing she has probably done in a long time by taking Deb Antney’s advice about having Eva illustrate three books for Nikko. Ariane stopped by, shortly after the Baby Picasso session, to chat with Mimi about everything that has been going on, and it sounds like there’s going to be even more dirt flung around. Mimi revealed that Nikko told her that he had been taping their phone conversations. And the plot thickens!

Who knows what was said. Could it be that Nikko wasn’t lying? But would it even be legal for Nikko to leak any audio if Mimi was unaware that she was being taped? This is getting juicy.

Mimi eventually met with Nikko and gave him the Eva-illustrated books, but Nikko claimed that she wasn’t out of the woods yet. According to him, the nature of how their deal was set up means that he’ll be able to get around Mimi’s okie doke, for that 25% of the profit.

Problem at the J’s Place

Joseline was pissed when she finally learned about Stevie and Mimi’s management company working with Jessica Dime and Tiffany Fox, so she confronted Stevie over breakfast at their house. She told Stevie that she was the only artist he needed to manage, and of course things went South. This ended with both of them shouting sweet nothings like, “F–ck you, you piece of trash!” and other diatribe. I guess the wedding is of for now, and so much for Stevie being more positive.


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