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Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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The episode opens up with Yung Joc’s simple behind at Rasheeda and Kirk’s house. He had been staying with them for a couple of days after getting kicked out of Sina’s house. Follow me? KD kicked him out, so he went to Sina’s. Then Sina kicked him out.

Rasheeda was over Joc as a houseguest so she convinced him to try to work things out with KD, and chastised him about going back and forth between all these different women. It’s always the people with the messiest lives speaking sense. Now if only Rasheeda could fix her her own life with Kirk?

Rekindling Friendship

Mimi and Ariane linked up to patch up their friendship. Mimi told Ariane that she shut her out because she was judgmental. Ariane explained that her behavior was more about being opinionated and concerned for a friend, not judgment. Mimi conceded defeat and finally told Ariane that she was right. Ariane is a good friend with the patience of a saint, because Mimi should have been gotten the #ByeFelicia treatment for good.

Deb Antney For Mayor

Kalenna wants Deb to manage her, just like the rest of Atlanta. Deb is interested in the idea because Kalenna sings, and writes songs, and has an impressive musical resume. But Deb needs Kalenna to officially sever business ties with Tony in order to start making magic.

Karlie Redd Spilling Tea Again

Karlie Redd met up with Jessica Dime to engage in messy conversation. Jessica Dime suspected that Joseline was trying to block her business moves with Mimi and Stevie J, and Karli confirmed that this was true. Karli also told Jessica that Joseline said they weren’t friends. This was when Jessica Dime felt the need to reveal that Joseline “tricked” on her. She referred to Joseline as her client, and said that Joseline went down on her while Stevie J watched. But here’s the thing, did Jessica Dime just basically admit to being a prostitute? Um…yeah.

Bossed Up

Rasheeda is finally getting the brick and mortar store she always wanted for her online business. KD, of course, was the real estate agent showing her around potential spaces, so this was the perfect opportunity for Rasheeda to try and convince KD to give Joc a second chance, because he was “sincere this time.”

Later on in the episode, Joc met up with KD to try and win her back. This simpleton gave her some furry BDSM handcuffs, and said she could cuff him whenever she wanted to keep him in check. She cuffed him on the spot and interrogated him about where he stayed before ending up at Rasheeda’s place. She just wanted to see if he would lie. He told the truth about where he stayed, but clammed up when KD asked if he had sex with Sina (as if she didn’t know the answer to that). He tried to avoid answering the question, and looked ridiculous with the handcuffs on, and with water in his lap (KD knocked cups over on him). In the end, KD said she needed a break (which was probably the smartest move she made in a while) and that Yung Joc needed to prove to her that he could be faithful.

If Yung Joc is capable of being faithful then I have some bundles of unicorn hair to sell you.

More Messy Boots

Karli decided to get Joseline’s side of the story with regard to munching on Jessica Dime’s carpet. Joseline claimed that the munching incident went the other way around, and then said that Jessica Dime was a known prostitute in the industry. Basically, these two former strippers were trying really hard to one up each other when in reality they were one in the same.

Next week, Joseline and Jessica Dime will confront each other over these messy rumors, and it doesn’t go well.


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