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Tai Beauchamp is a fabulous host, style and lifestyle expert who most recently landed her own makeover show on TLC called Dare to Wear and on it, she not only gives deserving women makeovers, but she touches their souls, allowing their inner selves to have a much-needed overhaul as well. Tai’s show is so much more thorough than any makeover show you’ve ever seen.

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Here’s the concept: Two extreme fashion disasters on total opposite sides of the style spectrum switch perspectives by swapping wardrobes. The result is like hitting their own personal style reset button. After being shocked to learn that they have to swap clothing, these women will spend a day in the other’s clothes. The women gain a new-found understanding and branch out to leave their comfort zone for a head to toe transformation! It’s refreshingly addictive.

We were so excited we got the chance to chat with Tai backstage at this year’s Essence Music Festival because we wanted to know everything she could tell us about her new show and she did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, Tai was so comfortable with us, she told us she’s on the lookout for a leading man in her crazy life. She’s the type of woman who has it all, what kind of man is she looking for? Check out what Tai told us about her potential suitor and how her show, Dare To Wear transforms lives.

HelloBeautiful: What we love most about the show is that it not only offers makeovers, but it helps women with what’s going on on the inside. How are you able to be that type of expert?

Tai Beauchamp: That’s a very interesting question. My understanding of style and being a style expert comes from being an editor. I was a magazine editor for many years. I helped launch O Magazine, I was an editor at Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar, Suede–I’ve worked a lot of places. That helped me understand the real editorial ideas behind what women want and what women need.

HB: How do you connect with these women?

TB: I think me being able to connect with women is something that is God-given and I thank Him. You can’t connect with women about what they look like on the outside without connecting what they look like on the inside. It’s a gift and a talent that I think was nurtured by my grandmother, who really believed in sisterhood. As a graduate of Spelman College and an alum of a all-girl high school, I believe in women.

HB: Sheesh! No men…?

TB: I’m a girl’s girl, but I am also a man’s girl, so hey! I think it’s important. A lot of people think that in order to celebrate women, that’s all you do. It’s my nature. I was raised by women–to empower us and understand what matters is really important.

HB: Hmm, so back to this man talk. What are you looking for in a mate?

TB: I’m all about him taking those jets, because I do. He can continue on taking those great vacations, because I do. And I’m all about him looking fabulous. He doesn’t have to be above 6’6″. I am a heel’s girl, he’s just got to be comfortable walking beside me. I like honesty, loyalty, passion and compassion for life. I like that not only in potential suitors and husbands, but in everyone that I interact with. That’s what I connect with women on, on Dare To Wear and that’s what I am working on my (soon to launch) site,, which will be all about empowering women with content. It’s all about connecting with people authentically.

HB: What does ‘The Tai Life’ mean?

TB: We’re redefining what the “high life” is. We talk about this “high life,” especially when we talk to young women. A lot of people think the “high life” is a fantasy. How do you make it real to you? You make it real to you when you have a true sense of who you are. It’s about nurturing myself and others to make sure that it’s happening on the inside so it can manifest on the outside. Nothing comes without hard work–that means on ourselves and everything else around us.

Don’t you just love her! Make sure you’re watching Dare To Wear, Thursdays on TLC at 10pm/9c.


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