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The best person to school you sometimes, oftentimes, is a person who has been in the same position as you, and someone you can easily see as your family.

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For the record, Richard Sherman is someone who has the utmost respect both for his excellence on the field and off it. But just as Sherman has the right to have an opinion on social matters, people have a right to disagree and tell him why his views may be well, missing the mark.

As reported by Deadspin, Sherman was recently asked about ‘Black Lives Matter’ recently and said while he agreed with the fundamental premise, he went on to discuss ‘Black on Black crime’ and why Black lives should matter to us.

Of course this is a derailment that we’ll all heard before. And apart from Sherman’s teammate, Michael Bennet publicly disagreeing with him as the Deadspin article discusses, ESPN’s Michael Smith called him out perfectly on it. Smith pointed out the fallacy that is ‘Black lives matter’ and how crime is about proximity i.e. White people commit crimes within White communities but no one ever talks about ‘White on White crime.’  See the video below:

Talk about church!

We hope Sherman has learned from the incident because truly Black lives matter, and we don’t need to apologize for saying it in any context in any shape or form.


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