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“As if the #FutureHive and Drake hype wasn’t validated by the build up to the release of the emcees’ collaborative effort, there is now a video game online modeled after one of the album’s catchiest songs, “Jumpman.”

It’s in the style of an ascending map, where you have to bounce off platforms to continue going up in the map and getting points. Of course, there are boosts that help you jump higher in the map, and they’re in the form of pills. Don’t let the diamond-ridden background distract you, though, as you might fall through one of the broken platforms and lose. That may not be a terrible thing, because the song’s hook of “Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman” is beign repeated as you play.

You can choose to play as the heads of Drake, Future or the song’s producer, Metro Boomin. This is almost like when Raury dropped his Indigo Child EP, where you had to reach a certain score in a skateboarding game while “God’s Whisper” played over and over and over to download the project. Only with “Jumpman,” there’s no damn prize.

Head to the game’s website to play, but after a couple minutes, you’ll be a little upset there’s no mute button. Let’s see how much money this thing will make once it’s an app.”