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Earlier this week on the season 2 premiere of Bravo’s Untying The Knot reality series, music producer Memphitz and his estranged wife/former reality star Toya Wright were put in the hot seat to have a discussion about what went wrong in their marriage.

During the telling sit down, the couple spoken openly about what each they believed led to the demise of their relationship, ultimately concluding that it was K. Michelle’s abuse allegations that caused their union to spiral out of control. Memphitz was left jobless in light of the allegations and claimed that Toya not allowing him to go on Love And Hip Hop to tell his side of the story only made the situation worse. In the end, Memphitz says he left the relationship after not receiving the support he felt he needed from Toya, which then led her to file for divorce.

Once they got their story out in the open, they moved on to the part of the show where the mediator works with them to figure out a plan for determining who gets what in the event of their divorce. During the segment, the mediator asked Memphitz if he’d ever cheated on his wife during their marriage and when he replied with “No, not without my hall pass,” all hell broke loose on social media. Elaborating on his peculiar response, Memphitz then explained that Toya gives him 8 days per year to “do what I want to do, no questions asked.”

Everybody has things that they do in the confines of their relationship that they’d rather keep between them and their spouse and surely Memphitz was aware that this was one of those things for Toya. Kind of a low blow, right?

At any rate, once Toya took notice of all the backlash she was receiving in light of her future husband’s decision to air out the inner-workings of their marriage on national television, she took to her own social media page to offer somewhat of an explanation.


So basically, Toya says she had a reply for Memphitz’ shocking revelation, but implied that it was edited out of the clip shown on the episode. However, given that she stopped just short of revealing exactly what her response was, paired with the fact that the topic caused such a stir on social media, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Toya come forward with her side of things sooner than later either on the show or elsewhere.

Stay tuned…..


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