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Close up of Black mother holding baby

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Mother Leaves Baby Stuck In Toilet While She Shops

Neighbors called police when they heard a baby crying in an apartment for nearly an hour in Canton, Ohio. Maintenance workers allowed cops inside the unit where they found a one-year-old stuck inside of a toilet. The child’s mother, Justice Chance arrived at the scene two hours later with shopping bags from Walmart. Allegedly, the 20-year-old mother said her sister was supposed to be watching the infant but police could not confirm the identity of the relative as Chance declined to provide her contact information. Child Protective Services were notified and Chance as well as the baby’s father, Rashaan Cuffee, 20, were arrested and charged with child endangerment. Police also found marijuana plants in the home and added charges for illegal marijuana cultivation. FOX 8

Olympics Announces New Rules For Transgender Athletes

The International Olympic Committee medical officials have designed new guidelines for transgender athletes that may be taken into consideration during this year’s summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2003, athletes who transitioned from male to female or vice versa were required to have reassignment surgery followed by at least two years of hormone therapy in order to be eligible to compete. Now, female-to-male transgender athletes are eligible to take part in men’s competitions “without restriction” meaning, no surgery is require. However, athletes transitioning from male-to-female will need to provide medical documents that demonstrate their testosterone levels have significantly decreased over the course of a year prior to their first competition. On the advancements in scientific and medical research which prompted said revisions, the IOC said in a statement, “To require surgical anatomical changes as a precondition to participation is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights.” Mashable

Doctor Arrested Following The Death Of Nearly 40 Patients

Narendra Nagareddy was recently taken into custody following a raid by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The Georgia based psychiatrist had the contents of his Jonesboro office as well as his home seized after 36 patients died from him overprescribing medication including opiates and benzodiazepine. Several of the people he treated we’re already known drug addicts, susceptible to relapsing when they were prescribed the lethal dosages by Nagareddy. The doctor had a history of misconduct which resulted in his medical license being suspended then reinstated in 1999. In reference to current cases, he’s accused of violating Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act. Nagareddy faces criminal charges as well as a RICO civil action to provide restitution to the families of his victims. NY Daily News

Nurse Walks Through Winter Storm To Comfort Her Patients 

The east coast recently endured a massive snow storm dubbed ‘Jonas’. New York was one of the states where public transportation was closed for residents’ safety. Similarly, many people had several days off or called in sick; Chantelle Diabat, was the exception. The 32-year-old single mother from Washington Heights, is a nurse that walked over a mile from her house to her job at the Hebrew Home in Riverdale. “I walked for about an hour and all I kept thinking was, I really love my patients,” said Diabate. She’s been working at the facility, which houses nearly 1,000 elderly patients, for almost a year. “We see them a lot. We’re like family. I’m tired but I decided to work a double shifts. They need me.” Diabat’s supervisor, Mojdeh Rutigliano shared that she was the only one that came to work last week after all of the other nurses, fifty in total called out sick. While Diabate admits that she thought about taking the day off, her passion for her job kept her going during her commute, “I really have to love what I do to make such a commitment,” she said. NY Daily News


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